3 Unusual Decorating Concepts That Will Make Your Home Shine

While there’s no limit to the number of comfortable sofas, wall art and designer pieces available on the market today, it can be more challenging to find ways to furnish and decorate your home in a manner that makes it unique. After all, many modern designs indulge in neutral colors and minimalist shapes that are quickly becoming just as predictable as the rest. Here are three unusual decorating concepts that can turn your home from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.

Invest in Empty Space

When you think of “empty” areas in your home, you’re more than likely going to think of open wall space before ever considering your stairs or the vast expanse that comes with airy, high ceilings. It pays to make every area count in your home, so build storage compartments under your stairs or hang stunning light features from your rafters to truly make a room stand out.

Consider the Places That Get the Least Attention

Areas like your main hallway or your fireplace deserve more attention than they often get. Hang unusual artwork and incorporate small/thin furnishings to amplify your hallways, or invest in a decorative fire screen that can become the gorgeous focal point of the entire room in a great and surprising way.

Give Each Family Member Free Reign

Many homes are decorated and furnished with the creative mindset of only one or two people. Change it up and give each member of your house his or her own space to decorate, allowing for different patterns, colors and the like that can truly revitalize a boring home. This concept creates a bohemian vibe that’s designed with original decorative insight from various people, giving everyone a place to truly call their own.

Look beyond the average ways of decorating. Utilize any of these three less-ordinary concepts to overhaul your living area and create an authentic look that’s unique to anyone else’s home.