5 Easy Tips For A Long Lasting AC System

Your heating and cooling system is a great help in making your home a comfortable place to live in. Without it, you can quickly go through the worst days and night especially during the cold winter nights and the hot summer days. This system is perhaps one of the most critical developments in technology. Yes, it is true that having a fireplace can give warmth, but it won’t heat the entire house. It is going to be very expensive to have a furnace installed in every room of the house and if there are many occupants. It will take a lot of wood to have the fireplaces crackling all night. And what about during summer? How will you keep yourself cool when the temperature is soaring high? Yes indeed, your AC is an excellent addition in the household.

Therefore, since you have it, the best way to avoid problems is by making sure that it is in good working condition at all times. If you encounter any issues, call for furnace repair Richmond Texas immediately. Calling in experts for repairs rather than trying to do it yourself is safer since they know exactly how to fix it. However, you can help your system stay functional longer by doing some regular maintenance.

Clean and Replace Filter Regularly

The filter is one of the essential parts of your system that needs much attention. No worries though, it usually doesn’t require a lot of work. It often takes a few minutes to clean and replace it. When it comes to cleaning, we recommend you to do it every two weeks to guarantee that you only have clean and fresh air. And when you clean the filter, clean the entire unit as well. Frequently, leaves, grass, dirt and other debris get stuck on the group especially the one outside which causes clogging. Furthermore, we recommend you change your AC filter every month in the summer and every six weeks during the winter season.

Clean the Coils

Your coils don’t require as much maintenance as the filter. You can inspect and clean your coils every month or so. When cleaning, do not use anything of harsh material. Use a clean, soft cloth for the cleaning. You may use a brush to remove the dirt but do it with utmost caution.

Inspect the Ducts

You also need to make sure that you perform an inspection of your AC ducts. Most problems in not having enough heat are because of leaking pipes. Make sure there are no leaks so you can have the maximum heat efficiency all the time. If there are holes though, it is best to get in touch with us or visit our office for repair assistance.

Check the Wirings and Components

The wirings and other components are also important. What you have to do is to make a visual inspection of your installations and all its parts. Make sure that they are all in order and there are no hatched wires as they can be dangerous.

Have Experts Inspect the System

To ensure that your system will have a longer life, have experts do an annual inspection and have them fix every issue they find. Doing so can significantly increase the number of years you can use your system.