5 gardening tips to manage your landscape

Your garden is starting to have a gorgeous outlook, and you want to maintain its aesthetics and functionality. However, you are just starting out and wonder how to maintain it as some plants are starting to wither and worst still, there are weeds growing amongst them.

Here are some easy rules to follow to ensure that your garden continues to flourish and undesirable plants are prevented from growing. 

1) Cleaning equipment

First, do clean your pots and equipment like a spade, gardening fork and pruning scissors on a regular basis. Washing them prevents weed seeds from spreading from one area to another. Shoes that come into contact with your landscape should be washed as well, as weed seeds can stick on them and disperse while your shoes step on other areas of your landscape.

2) Grouping plants

Grouping plants according to their type not only provides an aesthetic and neat outlook for the viewer, but it also functions to ensure that they receive the same amount of nutrients as you water them together.

For example, when placing tall plants together with shorter ones, the former will outgrow the latter and block the latter from receiving sunlight.

3) Sunlight

Be sure to place each plant at a position that has constant sunlight. Before that, it is recommended that you research on the plant’s sunlight needs as different plants thrive under different amounts of sunlight. For plants that require full sunlight, place them in an area that has four to six hours of sunlight daily.

4) Water

It is a common misunderstanding to think that plants must be watered daily. Most plants must be watered around two to three times a week; overwatering them will rob them of air as the soil becomes too dense.

Still, it is good to inquire about the specific watering needs of your plants. Some might only need water once every few weeks.

You can consider getting a spray bottle to prevent overwatering your plants.

5) Weed out undesirable plants

Lastly, do inspect your landscape from time to time as weeds can spring up and compete for nutrients with your plants.

When spotting a weed, make sure that you take out the root of the weed. While doing so, wear gloves for your safety and place the weed in a trash bag to prevent the spread of weed seeds.

Seek help on landscape maintenance

There may be a need for other systems in place, like an irrigation or drainage system, to ensure that your landscape is well maintained. Constant trimming of the grass blades must also be done at the correct length to ensure that the stems are not exposed and vulnerable to weed growth.

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