5 ideas to enhance your midcentury modern living rooms with the pavilion daybed

The Pavilion daybed is part of the Barcelona collection and an integral creation of architect Mies van dar Rohe. Its sleek designing and artfully achromatic articulation are timelessly classy – and classic. So, if you’re looking for something compact and beautiful to introduce in your contemporary midcentury modern living room, then here are 5 ideas to help you erect an entire ambiance around the Pavilion daybed:

  1. Surrounding by accents and statement art


The dark and compact beauty of the Pavilion daybed has been enhanced  by the use of statement art and gorgeous accent pieces in this image. You can use similar techniques to introduce it in your midcentury modern living room. The oversized painting in the backdrop complements the squat size of its seat while the mirror and metal accents of the surroundings bring out the best of its back upholstery.

  1. As a transitional piece


If your midcentury modern living room is very large and needs a graceful transitional piece to create a subtle boundary between the open spaces, then the Pavilion daybed would be the perfect way to do that. Just take a look at this image as an example; the elegant and low-height presence of the daybed has been strategically arranged to create an unnoticeable boundary between the lounge and the rest of the space. You can do the same.

  1. As a statement piece


If you’ve got a rather redundant empty wall in your midcentury modern living room, then setting up the Pavilion daybed would be an excellent way to spruce it up. The simplicity and unfettered elegance of this furniture piece is as sophisticated as they come. You can even use the solid color scheme of its upholstery to contrast the backdrop of the wall – maybe even accessorize it with some artwork and an end table for a holistic aura.

  1. To frame other furniture pieces


The unadorned designing of the Pavilion daybed coupled with its artfully squat height are perfect for framing and enhancing whatever’s in the backdrop. While this works really well for accent walls, it also works wonders for intangible backgrounds with furniture. You can take this image as an example; the red of the Pavilion daybed makes the perfect foreground to enhance the presence of the dining table at the back.

  1. As a statement piece


Everything else aside, the Pavilion daybed would make a stunning centerpiece in your midcentury modern living room. If you have any doubts about this arrangement, you can just look at this image and rest assured – it shows how the stark contrast of the rest of the lounge ambiance makes the daybed shine in all its glory.

The Pavilion daybed was a trailblazer in its heyday and retains all of its classic timelessness even today. Using it in your living rooms would definitely help you make more of a statement and we hope that some of these ideas help you get a better hand of its usage.