5 Mistakes to Avoid During a Move

So there everything is close, you have everything: cartons, scotch, bubble wrap, beer (or guava juice), the van, etc. But, as for the move, we are never too organized. It is always better to spend too much time organizing your move, assessing the different constraints, rather than staying on an optimistic “it’ll do it”. 
In addition to our other preparation guides, here is a good advice for your move, and you avoid the basic mistakes that only insiders know. So here are 14 mistakes to avoid during a move, and how to anticipate them.

Mistake 1: Move to August 15th

The equation is simple: August 15 = no friends. At best, you may have a helping hand from the neighbor’s son, or the geek friend who spends his summer playing World of Warcraft. With this kind of template, you will fight with the fridge on the stairs. 
Fortunately for those who absolutely want to move on August 15, you still have some good companies like Swiftway Moving to fall back on for help). 

Mistake 2: Thaw The Freezer the Same Day of the Move

If you leave this task for the last moment, you can sit and stay in your fridge for 3 hours with a hair dryer instead of moving. 
As for the solution to move anyway with the fridge still filled with ice, forget right away, I tested for you, and go to put water everywhere (which turns into slush), in the van, in the apartments, on the stairs (beware: slip then emergencies), on the book box or the hi-fi … there is nothing positive. 
After reflection, it may be better to predict this thawing 2 days before the move.

Mistake 3: Gently Fill Big Cartons to The Brim

“Fewer boxes = fewer trips”, yes it’s true … But in the third box, you block your back. So do not put in the same box, encyclopedias and TV. Unless it’s a personal revenge against a friend.

Mistake 4: Forgetting to Warn Neighbors of the Move

It turns out that it makes people aggressive to be woken up by surprise on a Saturday morning at 8:00. 
Blocked elevator, furniture hitting the walls, laughing friends, screaming friends after slipping on the stairs, etc … 
Do you really want to lose 10 minutes to make you scream on the neighbor below? I bet you wouldn’t want that.

Mistake 5: Put The Cartons First In The Van

Yes I know, everyone likes moving boxes, we can line them up, stack them, make a Tetris, etc.
It’s not like this designer lamp in the shape of “jesaispasquoi”. Well, know that it will be much more complicated to fit this lamp and all other things with “special” forms if the truck is already half filled with cartons. Cartons for the end we tell you!