5 Signs It’s Time to Give Your Old HVAC System the Boot  

Your HVAC system is the heart that keeps your home a comfortable and consistent temperature and keeping it in tip-top shape is crucial. Unfortunately, over time your system can become worn, less efficient, and break down more and more often. If you notice some of the signs listed below, it may be time to contact an HVAC company in Austin, TX to see if its time to give your system the boot.

Your System is More Than 10 Years Old

There is a good chance that your HVAC system was in place when you purchased your home. This means that it could be older than you think. Most older systems were designed to last between 10 and 15 years. After this time they will begin to have problems with the various components and your system will begin to run less efficiently.

Higher Than Normal Energy Bills

When your parts have become worn, and your HVAC system becomes older, it will operate less efficiently. This means it will require more energy to get your home to the desired temperature. The harder your system has to work, the higher your utility bills will grow.

‍Increased Levels of Dirt and Dust

If you notice an increase of dust around the home or poorer indoor air quality, especially when your HVAC system is running, it could mean that your system has become dirty, or is having difficulty maintain proper airflow, allowing dirt and debris to build up in your vents and push out into your home. While maintenance or a duct cleaning may help reduce the amount of dust and dirt, if it keeps occurring, it could be time to upgrade your system.

Uneven Heating or Cold Spots

Another sign that your HVAC system is not functioning at its optimal level, is it your home is not being heated evenly, and you notice hot and cold spots throughout. This could be a sign that your HVAC system is having difficulty pushing heat through the ductwork in your home to maintain even temperatures.

Your System Requires Frequent Repairs

If your system breaks down often, or requires regular repairs and parts replacement, it may be time to replace it. Also, if you notice noises such as rattles, buzzes, and hums, it often means that your components are becoming worn or damaged and need to be replaced. Even with replacing multiple parts, an old system can continue to have problems, so if you have to have your repair technician out multiple times a year, a new install will be worth the cost.

‍If you notice any of the issues listed above, contact your trusted HVAC company in Austin, TX to discuss available system models to upgrade to. A new system can help you save money, improve comfort, and increase the overall indoor air quality in your home making it more than worth the investment.