7 Questions to Consider When Buying an Ergonomic Chair

In order to assist you to select an ergonomic chair for your office, consider asking these questions listed by 123ink office chairs to make this process easy. Thank us later.

  1. Is the seat pan comfortable enough for you and does it fit your shape?

When sitting in the chair, the seat pan should at least be an inch wider than your hips and thighs on both the sides. The seat pans shouldn’t be too long for your legs, or else it will catch you behind the knees or avert you from leaning back fully against the lumbar support. Most of the ergonomic chairs have a seat pan that has a waterfall front that avoids the seat from catching you behind the knees. The contoured seat pan should let you for the even weight distribution and should be comfortable to sit on.

  1. Is the seat chair height adjustable?

The chair should always be adjustable so that you can adjust the seat pan height while sitting on the chair. Many have a mechanical height adjustment or spinning mechanism.

  1. Is the height adjustment range of the chair sufficient to meet the needs?

The height of the seat pan should be adjustable so that the front of your knees are leveled or a tad bit below and your feet are set firmly on the ground. In many cases, you won’t even need a footrest. The gist is to adjust the seat height, should be easy to reach and operated when seated.

  1. Does the chair have a comfortable lumbar back rest?

Many chairs come with cushioned lumbar support that is easily adjustable to best fit your shape. If the chair is used by many then this level of adjustment is needed. If the chair has a fixed height lumbar support and it feels comfortable when you use it, then this type of lumbar support chair is acceptable.

  1. Is the back of the chair large enough to provide good back support?

Many ergonomic chairs come with back supports that are huge enough to give mid back and upper back support apart from a good lumbar support.

  1. Is there ample space for hip room?

When you don’t have sufficient room on your seat pan for your hips, you will not have thigh support.

  1. Does the seat pan still feel comfortable after you’ve been sitting in it for an hour or two?

When the seat is made from a low quality form, then sitting for a prolonged period of time will not provide proper cushioned support. It can cause discomfort, hip, and back fatigue, and imbalance.