A Buying Guide To Stone Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace mantels levitate the aura of a room when fitted on the wall around the fireplace. Limestone is the best and most popular choice when it comes down to stone mantels. Whilst there are options to choose from wood mantels too, it’s still stone mantels that are leading the race due to the following features.

  • Limestone is actually less prone to catching fire on a comparison to wood. Also, limestone has the property to absorb heat from the fire and distribute it in the room to keep it warm.
  • Limestone is strong and very durable. Also, unlike what you may think, limestone chimney mantels are not bulky and can be installed without many efforts.
  • Omega limestone mantels are extremely decorative and the space above them can be decorated with books and plants to match the room’s interiors even more.

How To Buy Limestone Mantels To Elevate The Beauty Of Your House?

Whilst there’s no specific feature to stick to while buying a stone mantel, there are still some golden rules that you should consider.

  • Dimension Of The Surrounds – Since mantels are installed directly around the fire, their dimension has to be precise. And the most important dimension of the fireplace is the chimney breast width. As long as this width is good, you can choose long as well as short mantels, whatever you like.
  • Finish Of The Limestone – The two options to choose from are honed and off-white. Honed like the pearl veined honed and Sahara diamond honed are matte. The off-white options are plain and do not display veins like the honed mantels.
  • Style Of The Fire Surround – The most popular styles include the Victorian style and the modern style. Besides, you can choose between the archtops mantels, opencast mantels, and rustic stone fireplace surround mantels.
  • Decorative Options – Mantels can be sophisticatedly simple as well as decorative. If you like a little more charm, you can always choose overmantels in Sahara veined honed, Chocolate honed, Sahara diamond, and Olive honed. Overmantels are more elaborate and tall.

How To Choose A Company To Buy Stone Mantels?

All good companies share some specific features, listed below, in common and you should focus on them.

  • Companies should offer free samples upon request.
  • The prices of prefabricated and custom made mantels should be competitive.
  • Only true artisans can recreate the old world grace and charm. And all elite companies hire true artisans.
  • Only genuine companies can handle extreme variety in designs and styles.