A Guide On The Proper Maintenance Of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are of different types and all the types have different shapes, patterns, and colors. The most spectacular types include the following.

  • Unglazed Tiles
  • Glazed Tiles
  • Digitally printed Tiles
  • Full-bodied Tiles
  • Double loaded Tiles
  • Color bodied Tiles

Now that you know their types, you must also know that their strength too varies. And one of the strongest is unglazed porcelain tiles that are used as outdoor floor tiles. Besides, some others are customizable – they give the flexibility to get a picture printed on top or they flaunt different patterns that they get from the molds that they are pressed with.

How To Maintain Porcelain Tiles To Ensure That They Stay Undamaged

The maintenance of porcelain tiles starts even before they are installed. The first thing that you should consider is the company you’re buying them from. Trust sellers only like the Club Ceramic vendors because they are reputed and licensed and offer full customer assistance. Moving on, the following maintenance tips will help you in increasing the life of your tiles.

  1. You should clean your tiles with a soft cloth as soon as they are installed. This is needed to ensure that there is no residue left behind that can, later on, tarnish the entire look. And the residue can be anything ranging from dust to wax, and even the remains of glue, if used
  2. Use warm water and a chemical-free soap solution to clean your tiles at least 3 times a week, best when done every day. This ensures that the tiles do not catch settled dust. It is also required so that the tiles do not lose their shine and the colors look glistening as new
  3. Do not use chemicals on porcelain tiles since they are made with clay. Also, do not exert excessive force while cleaning them. You should follow proper cleaning instructions that are different for all tiles and mainly depend upon their strength
  4. Since some tiles are mechanical cut and some aren’t, you should take special care while cleaning the corners to ensure they do not trap dirt. Also, porcelain tiles should be immediately rinsed when stained. Otherwise, the stain can leave marks on the surface
  5. Do not drag furniture on the tiles. It can leave scratch marks that are impossible to be repaired. Rather, use some soft soul to properly cushion the legs of all furniture items

As long as you follow the maintenance tips given above, your tiles will remain organically beautiful and as radiant as new for a longer period of time