Benefits of Copper Re-piping Van Nuys

With time, the galvanized water piping in your home rusts and corrodes internally posing a significant health threat to you and your family members. Particles of zinc, rust, and other contaminants flowing through your drinking water can lead to serious health complications and can even cause the water to stop flowing. This is where the idea of copper repiping Van Nuys comes into play.

Essentially, copper re-piping refers to the process of replacing all of the existing water pipes in your home, apartment, or condo with the more safe copper pipes. Deciding to re-pipe your home is one of the most important undertakings that any homeowner can invest in. Here are some of the top benefits of copper repiping.

Better Water Pressure

One of the first things that you will notice after repiping your home with copper pipes will be a general increase in your water pressure. Re-piping gets rid of all the rust and debris that had collected in your galvanized pipes over time which blocked the passage of water partially. However, once you repipe, the water starts to flow undisturbed in all your faucets, water taps, and shower heads.

Copper Adds Value

Copper repiping with experienced and professional copper repiping Van Nuys specialists guarantees several things: High-quality copper that isn’t susceptible to corrosion and leakage, longer pipe lifespan and no clogs. You can also be sure of healthier drinking water for your home. Generally, copper repiping adds significant value to your property, and even if you think of selling it in the future, you will see a substantial increase in your home’s overall value.

Better Tasting Water

The innermost part of galvanized pipes is usually made of iron which tends to mix with water giving it that rusty and metallic smell. Most of the times, this water proves to be harmful to the health of human beings. However, when you repipe your home with copper pipes, the quality of water remains unaffected as it flows through the pipes. You will start to get better tasting water running through your pipes, and the health of your family members will begin to improve.

Fewer Chances of Water Leakage

Copper, unlike other piping materials, is much more flexible making it less susceptible to breakage. Even when natural disasters occur, these pipes have a better chance of staying intact than any other type of pipe. For this reason, water leaks or any other common plumbing issues are less likely to be an issue in your home.

Saves You Money

Copper repiping can also save you a lot of money in the long run. For instance, with reduced plumbing problems it means that you will spend less on unexpected repairs. Since the quality of water also remains unaffected, it means that you will no longer incur the unexpected medical bills that come up as a result of drinking contaminated water.