Budget-Friendly Ways to Fill Up Your First Home

So, you finalized all the paperwork and have finally got the keys to your very first home. You’re excited about what the journey of homeownership brings and are likely eager to begin building a foundation. Since this is your first home, chances are you don’t have much to bring along with you (not enough to fill up a house anyway). Though this is ideal for an affordable and fast move, the idea of entering a bare house isn’t what you had in mind. You’ve exhausted most of your money in the buying process and wonder where you might find some additional funds or ideas to fill up your new place. Well, you’re in luck.

Yard Sales

If you’re looking for decent items to furnish your new house without breaking the bank yard sales are a great place to start. Often times people are clearing out their homes and have tons of furnishings, decor, and other home items you can use that are in mint condition. So you don’t have to lug the items twice (to your old place then to your new one), it’s best to wait until you’ve moved and look for cheap finds in neighborhoods closer to your residence.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for to fill up your house at nearby yard sales you can also check the online classifieds. You can find small advertisements for things for free and for cheap that are for sale in your neighborhood. If you find something that interests you, schedule a time to check it out and make a deal.

Short-Term Loan

If there are specialty items you’d like to invest more money into (for the quality or style) you can buy those items yourself. Check advance loans are a short-term solution to your problem. If qualified you could have several hundred dollars in your checking account to use as you please. You can purchase things like living room furniture, a bed, or household appliances like a fridge and stove. Then, you have small monthly installments that can easily be fit into your budget for repayment.

Second-Hand Stores

You may have believed that the only reason you might visit a secondhand store was to find some clothes or shoes, but many of them have home decor, furniture, and other furnishings you can place in your new house. They are often in good condition and cost a lot less than buying from a department store or high-end retailer.

Friends and Family

Once you’ve moved into your new place friends and family are going to want to come to visit. You can host a housewarming party and invite everyone you know to see the new digs. Since guests often bring gifts in the form of home decor, you can create a registry informing them of the items you’d like to have in your home.

Part of the excitement of moving into your first home is being able to turn it into an oasis that suits your style and needs. If you’re relocating from your parent’s house or an apartment, and don’t have much to make your house a home there are some affordable solutions. Try yard sales, online classifieds, second-hand stores, a short-term loan, or wait and see what your guests get you as a housewarming present. Either way, it won’t be long before your house is filled with personality, style, and comfort.