Common Signs to You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning in Houston TX  

It’s easy to take your drains for granted when they’re working smoothly. However, grime can build up inside them and affect your plumbing. How do you know if it’s time for professional drain cleaning Houston TX? Keep the following signs in mind, and don’t hesitate to have your drains cleaned if you notice any in your home.

Unpleasant Odors

Foul odors coming from your drains can mean that debris has built up inside the pipes. You’re more likely to notice a bad smell in your kitchen drain thanks to beverages and food debris. However, you might notice an unpleasant odor in bathroom drains and other drains if enough debris has accumulated in your pipes. If you have any kind of odor coming from one or more drains in your home, you should have a plumber determine the cause. In some cases, it might be a problem with your sewer system, which requires professional plumbing service.

Slow Drains

Water should flow through drains without any obstruction. When you have a clog or debris buildup, water will typically drain much slower. If you’ve noticed any slow drains in your home, this usually means that the drain pipes have a lot of debris inside them. This debris prevents water from draining quickly and smoothly. When clogs become severe enough, water can back up in your sink or tub. Having professional drain cleaning Houston TX done helps prevent more serious clogs from forming, which protects your home from water damage if a sink or tub overflows.

Routine Drain Maintenance

You don’t always have to wait for signs of a problem to schedule drain cleaning. In fact, having your drains cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, such as once a year, can lower the risk of having problems occur. There’s no specific time or season for having professional drain cleaning done. You can set it up for a time that’s convenient for you. When you have this type of service done for your Houston, TX home, it helps your pipes remain clear of debris that could lead to drain clogs and foul odors.

What to Expect from Drain Cleaning

While there are products available at the store that claim to clean drains, these won’t work for severe clogs or debris buildup. Some of these products can also damage your pipes. Professional drain cleaning involves the use of tools and equipment that are safe for your plumbing. When you have this service done, you can also rest assured that your pipes and drains will be cleaned with care. This helps keep your drains in good condition, which reduces your risk of running into plumbing problems in your home.