Canada is known for its harsh winters. The heavy snowfall makes things difficult and us a lot lazier, so we let the snow pile up on our rooftops. There is no denying the fact that roof is a crucial part of the house. It covers us through and through. However, snow jamming up on the roof can severely damage it. Before winters hit, it is important that you get your roofing Hamilton company, Hamilton to check out your roof and assess it for damages and carry out damage control if any. The worst can be still be avoided by simply understanding what damage is done to the roof by accumulation of snow.

  1. Snow is not light as a feather:

The tiny flakes falling do look as light as a feather, but when they start to accumulate on your roof, they cease to be so light. The pressure on your roof increases as snow can be extremely heavy. With fresh snowfall taking place it would only create more and more pressure on your roof. As more pressure is created, it could lead to cracking and leakages in your walls and also jam your doors. Jamming of doors is one of the early signs to look out for. So get professional roofing service, Hamilton, clean out the snow from your roof, as maintaining it is a lot cheaper than replacing the whole roof altogether.

  1. Water logging can happen during winters:

Winters does not only mean snowing, hail, rain and ice are also a part of it. With the snow also melting, the water level on the roof increases. With the pressure already there on the roof, the snow water and rain water, cause the pressure to increases. This increased in pressure creates water logging which in turn seeps through the walls of the house. In other scenario, the water can freeze in your gutter and pipes, causing them to explode.

  1. Check for snow build up:

On sunnier winter days, the snow build up which is present on your roof can be hazardous to you and your family. The snow build up which has so far been creating a pressure on your roof, would now start to melt, making it easier for it to slip off the roof and fall to the ground. It is possible that this snow build up could fall on you or someone, creating a hazardous effect. Prevention is better than cure, so clean up the snow from your roof regularly.

  1. Unclog the gutter:

We tend to ignore our gutters and believe that it can bring no damage to the roof, which is not true. If the gutters are clogged then water run-off while have nowhere to go and would start to freeze, create an ice dam. With the presence of ice dam the water would start to collect, causing serious damage not on only to your roof and gutter but also the water system of your house.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so get your roofs checked and cleaned by professional roofing company, Hamilton.