Fantastic Pet-Friendly Home Designs to Welcome Your New Member

Are you bringing a new four-legged member to your beautiful family? Well, you must design your home, which not only fulfilling your requirements also your barking member needs. Creating a home, which is much tidy let your breed enjoy a lot and have fun.  You should make every area of your home pet-proofed right from flooring to rug areas and furniture.

Many times, pets considered as a member of the family so that several pet owners consider their pets requirements while renovating or building their home. If you are one among them and wish to do several things to make your home pet-friendly, then you can take help from the following pet-friendly home design.

Fabulous pet-friendly home design ideas

Whenever it comes to decorating and designing a home, you should consider your breed tendencies and habits. No matter, whether you have fully trained or brand new dog, it is your responsibility to give them space, which never compromises their sense of personal style.  For furnishing or designing your home in the pet-friendly ways, continue reading!

Design/paint the walls appropriately

Keep in mind that pets are much similar to having kids in a home. They can do many naughty things and bring hassles as well. One of the first aspects in a home, which your dogs used to damage, is the wall. Pets always like to rub the walls whenever they pass by and even spray the droll to the wall by shaking their heads.  

Therefore, paint your walls in the exotic colors so that you can swipe away slime with the paper towels. If you wish, you can add a pattern to enhance the home look. One of the great wall choice for pet home is semi-gloss-finish paint, which has the ability to sustain in lots of moisture and activity. Go with the washable flat pain if you wish to have matte finish wall paint.

Keep the flooring tidy and clutter free

When you are living with pets, a bare floor is an ideal option to stay away from stress and tension. Hardwood floors are extremely easy to wash, vacuum, and sweep. Additionally, it adds the inviting and warm feel to the room. Since breeds can scratch wood, it is better to go with ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, painted concrete, and stone floor to keep it stain free and clean.

Just keep in mind that absorbent materials such as marbles are not much durable as hard surfaces. Painted concrete may look durable and beautiful but go the same with the brick and terrazzo floors. These kinds of flooring are good enough for hot weather to enjoy cooling. However, before fixing anything, consider your pets.

Furniture and fabrics

When it comes to doing pet-friendly home design, you should choose the right choice of furniture, which made from high quality and durable material. If you bring wood furniture, which exposed of any chemical, it might affect your pet health because dogs usually see it as their new teething toy. Hence, it is better to go for chrome and metal furniture, which will be a better toy for your pet.

Always cover chairs and sofas in the durable fabrics, which do not match your breed color. It does not retain your pet hairs in the furniture anymore. Using the cleanable and practical materials and fabrics will make your life much easier and tension free because dogs wish to curl up on the furniture. Purchase the best pet beds, which praise your room style and give them a comfortable sleeping place.

Make a separate room for your pet

Are you worrying a lot about how to make your dog feel comfortable and happy with their stay in your home? If so, then you should make a room, which has the pet-friendly home design. Obviously, dogs will be in your house all the day. However, it often goes outside so that ensure you have a particular area to go in and out, which is damage and stain free.

This helps you avoid the hassle of cleaning up those mess created by your four-legged member when coming inside the home. When giving a room to your dog, you must include enough furniture and other sophistication to make them enjoy a lot. It is not necessary to create a room for them simply allocate a corner of your home or bed and even use the unused room.