Heat pumps run on free and renewable power sources

Knowhow extracts latent heat from water, soil and even air. This type of hot water and space heating is relatively new. And so the engineering system requires careful selection and making informed decisions. A heat pump is one example of using energy from the environment. It comes from soil, air or water. Therefore, the devices are divided into the following types“brine  water”, “air  water” and “water  water”. Also, heat can flow directly into the air through ventilation.

How to choose a heat pump, air, water and everything you need to know to make the right choice later in the material.

Coolant temperature

Heat pumps are medium temperature and high temperature.

It is recommended to select a medium temperature not more than 45 ° C for the coolant if you live in a region where the temperature in winter falls below 20 ° C. This technology is also ideal in the case when you are just starting construction and can design a lowtemperature system. The heat pump of average temperature should also be used if your heating is a warm floor, you also need air conditioning and there is a pool. But this type will not suit you, if the majority of heating devices (70%) are designed for heat carrier 60–40 ° C or more. In order to know more about Värmepump Stockholm seek help online.

Hightemperatures heat pumps are more efficient and do not critically lose their power during frosts, but they should be chosen when you are undergoing reconstruction of the radiator heating system and there is no need for air conditioning. In the presence of a pool and when a warm floor occupies 70% of thermal appliances, your choice falls to medium temperature.


Before us are 2 types of design of air heat pumps, which are calledmonoblock and split.A monoblock must be chosen if there is a need to divert the outdoor unit from the building to more than 100 meters, since it has an unlimited distance to the heat pump. But the problem is that without glycol there is a chance of destruction of the equipment at low temperatures.

At the same time, it is more efficient as a result of the absence of an intermediate heat exchanger and glycol. But if you are going to install just such a heat pump, then you need to take into account that it has a limited distance with an indoor unit, which still needs to be allocated a place.


To determine the required power, you need to know what your heat loss. In order to find out the exact numbers of this indicator, you can use some of the specials. Calculators online or independently calculate using appropriate formulas. The power of your Offert Värmepump should completely cover the heat loss and the rate of 130% will be the most optimal. The more accurately the power of this equipment is determined, the more stable and longer your device will work.