/How to avoid headaches buying a new build property

Buying a new property is a happy time for people.  Lots of people buy new homes – it could be someone setting foot on the property ladder or it could be someone moving for the umpteenth time in their lives, but regardless of that it is imperative that a few things are sorted out before you complete the purchase on any new build property, including spotting and identifying any issues in the building.

‘Snagging’, as it is more commonly referred to, is the process of identifying issues with your new build property.  Homeowners may wish to do this process themselves, but unless you know exactly what to look out for the chances are that you will miss things out which could prove costly at some point down the line.   This is where you should employ the services of professionals, arranging a snagging survey.

Snagging companies offer these inspections as a service, and by purchasing one you will receive a professional at the site of your potential new home who will capture all of the snags that can find in the property (sometimes in excess of 150!) during an extensive inspection that can last up to 5 hours.  Once these snags have been spotted, they are all photographed, time stamped and then tagged with details of all of the trades required to fix the issues at hand.

Common issues that may be spotted during a snag inspection include leaks, heating faults, un-level ceilings, and walls, damaged units, poor joinery and structural issues.  Things that could prove costly should you ignore them and then they go wrong, especially outside of the house builder warranty provided to you.

Snagging is actually so important these days that most solicitors will recommend using a professional snagging company to undertake one of these surveys before they will release any funds to the builder!

If you’re looking at buying a new build property, ensure that you get off to the best start and get a professional snagging company in now, before the builder receives your money, and get confirmation they will fix any issues that are found.  It may take a bit longer to complete the transaction, but short term pain for long term gain will always be better than short term gain leading to long term pain!

So now you know a bit more about snagging and what it actually is and how undertaking a snag inspection can help you out massively, feel free to head over to Home Snag found at www.homesnag.co.uk/what-is-snagging.html, where you will find lots of information about the subject and also contact details should you wish to discuss booking your very own inspection.

Don’t ignore something that can offer you so much benefit – get your snagging inspection booked without delay!