Keeping Persian Rugs Looking Like New

If you are in the market for a Persian rug, or if you recently purchased one, you undoubtedly want to showcase this impressive furnishing for all who frequent your home or office. Keeping a Persian rug in the best condition possible requires a few steps to ensure it does not become marred or damaged. Here are some tips that will aid in keeping your masterpiece looking like new.

Select The Right Location For Presentation

The spot you pick for showcasing Persian rugs makes an impact on how they appear over time. It is best to pick out a location away from direct sunlight. This will help to keep your Persian rug from becoming faded. If you plan on using your Persian rug on a floor in your home or office, place it in a spot away from heavy foot traffic. This will keep the buildup of debris and the possibility of staining of your rug from occurring. Make sure furniture is not positioned on top of your rug as there is a chance of fraying or ripping should it be moved.

Use The Right Cleaning Method For Optimal Appearance

It is best to avoid using a vacuum cleaner to clean a Persian rug. The rollers on the equipment could leave behind unsightly markings and there is a possibility of your rug getting caught in the undercarriage during a cleaning session. Instead, use the vacuum cleaner attachment for dirt removal. Make sure to hold it slightly away from the fibers of the rug to avoid the transferal of additional debris upon the rug. For deeper cleaning, use plain water or a cleansing agent made especially for Persian rugs if possible. Alternately, bring your rug to a professional carpet cleaning service.

Avoid Staining And Treat Them Promptly And Appropriately

To keep your Persian rug from becoming stained, make it a priority to keep all liquids away from the furnishing. If your rug is going to be located in a home or office where children or pets frequent, consider placing it in a room where you can close the door to keep it safe from small feet and paws. Provide an area near your structure’s entryway for people to wipe their feet before entering. This will help to minimize the risk of a transferral of debris or staining to your rug.

If a liquid does saturate your rug, and there is a risk of staining, blot the area quickly to minimize the damage. Do not rub the area as this will push the staining agent into the material. Spray the area with plain water and blot it again. Repeat this process to remove the staining agent.