Kitchen tile design ideas for small kitchen 

If you have a small kitchen and you want to style it in a smart way, choosing tiles is one of the vital tasks. You must consider kitchen tiles, which are durable, low-maintenance, allows for cost-effective installation and looks sophisticated at the same time.

In fact, kitchen tiles serve multiple purposes: Tiles on flooring provide a comfortable surface for walking, tiles on countertops help create a stain and scratch resistant platform for serving food hot, and tiles on walls serve as a versatile protector of the wall paint allowing easy cleaning and maintenance. Apart from adding interesting accents, they help in reflecting light thereby creating a brighter and bigger-space impression. So, now you know why the selection of kitchen tiles should be taken seriously!

Nonetheless, there is no straightaway formula for selecting kitchen tile designs. What might help are a few tips on how to go about it. Consider the following factors:

Tile size

Different types of tiles are sold in the market. Conventionally, small but custom designed tiles are used in kitchens. You may go for bigger tiles as well as they can be cost-effective and needed in lesser number for both floors as well as walls. Light coloured tiles are good for scattering light and creating the impression of a bigger space but they can look messy if placed in a random manner. Darker tiles used in specific areas for creating a colour-block effect can be a better option in that case. Subway tiles, glass tiles and decorative tiles are safer baits for kitchen walls. They are easy to clean and are available in various designs.

Tile colour

Light coloured tiles for kitchen may demand a rigorous cleaning practice but the dark coloured ones do not scatter light properly. So, you have to make a choice- maintenance or spaciousness? The best solution is to do both in a balanced way. Doing the majority space up with light coloured tiles and then fitting specific areas with dark coloured tiles for pop-up effect works wonders for modern kitchen spaces.

Coming to the colour palette, it is time you moved on from the classic green-white or blue-white combos of kitchen tiles to the more creative shades. The kitchen is where you will de-stress after a day’s work. So, make it look cheerful so that every time you step inside to cook something special you feel happy and liberated.

For kitchen floor, you may bank on the heavy duty anti-skid floor tiles. They look chic yet provide better friction and anchorage.

Tile material

If you go by the proverb, ‘the more the merrier’, you will be completely puzzled when given the option to choose your kitchen tile material for they come in a mind-boggling variety. The popular options are glass, ceramic, marble, brick-look, limestone, slate and travertine tiles. Watch your budget and go for the one that best suits your smart pantry. At the end of the day, durability matters. So, choose a material that is suitable for heavy-duty use and lasts you for years.

Synchronization is the keyword

Your kitchen tiles are a part of your kitchen décor. So, the colour, pattern, and design- everything has to be in sync with the kitchen area shape and the things to be kept in there. Unless you are sure about the final outcome don’t jump on to buy just any tile that comes your way. Or else, seek an expert’s advice.  

Selecting kitchen tiles is not a routine job but a demanding one for sure. It has to be a logical choice bearing a reflection of the person who you are- your sense of creativity and personal discretion. Also, it is safer to buy your kitchen tiles from a reputed shop. They may not get you the cheapest designs but you can choose from a wide range of latest designs and be sure about the quality and the prices offered.