LED Recessed Downlight VS. LED Surface Mounted Downlight for Your Home Improvement

— OBALS LED Pioneer Series can meet both your needs at once

For the large house with complicated layouts, the main light often cannot meet the demand of the light source so we will install a few auxiliary light source in the interior space, like the downlight, track light, etc. Recently, a homeowner told us that he has been struggling about whether to install LED recessed downlight or surface mounted downlight in his home for a long time. Today, OBALS gives you an insight into recessed downlight and surface mounted downlight.

  • Recessed Downlight

Recessed downlight, also called embedded downlight, refers to that after installed, the lamp body structure cannot be seen. In other words, only the bright side of the lamp can be seen, and the rest of the lamp body is embedded into the building.

  • Surface Mounted Downlight

The surface mounted downlight is a kind of lighting fixture which can absorb the light on the ceiling. The LED surface mounted downlight belongs to directional floodlight, and only its opposite side can receive light. Its beam angle belongs to condensed light, which is more concentrated and bright. It mainly highlights the subject and creates a quiet atmosphere.

Of course, different people hold divergent opinions. Mention to home improvement, the first principle is practical and decorative. Recessed downlight inserts the cable and body structure all over the wall so that you can see the light but not the shadow. Compared to the surface mounted downlight, it shines in appearance.

Especially the lamp that is installed in the kitchen, you should better choose recessed downlight, because greasy dirt and vapor can adhere to the lamp. So compared to the cleanliness, the recessed downlight is not as likely to get caught in the ash easily as the surface mounted downlight.

In addition, the lamp will produce high temperature after a long period of use. Will recessed downlight has the problem of being unable to dissipate heat? You actually don’t need to worry about this as there are often small holes in the recessed light that are reserved for heat dissipation.

However, there are also some drawbacks of installing the recessed downlight. It’s necessary to reserve the hole position of the lamp before decoration, and it cannot be changed as soon as it is installed. In contrast, the surface mounted downlight has no restrictions on construction, which can be mounted whenever you want, and you don’t have to worry about the thickness of the ceiling.

Considering the late maintenance, some people are inclined to select the surface mounted downlight, who feel that recessed downlight lines are all hidden and inconvenient to check. In fact, no matter it is recessed downlight or surface mounted downlight, the light body can be taken down as a whole easily. The downlight is installed with two back spring, as long as buckle down the round side of the downlight to pull it down.

Why Choose OBALS LED Downlight of Pioneer Series?

  • DIY Design

The DIY design is a shining point in this series. LED downlight can be designed easily as recessed downlight, surface mounted downlight, grill light and so on. You just need to purchase some housing accessories, then DIY to be different design by yourself.

  • Free to Adjust the Color Temperature

The color temperature can be adjusted to three options: warm white, cool white and daylight.

  • Slim Design

The superior slim design makes it portable but in high efficiency, with the max 123Lm/w.

  • Different Size for Option

For this series, OBALS can make 3/4/5/6/8/9 inches size, which covers a cut-out range from 75 to 255 mm.

For more information, please visit: https://www.obals.com/