Los Angeles Soft-Story Retrofit Program

The Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Program is specifically designed for defining a building having three or more stories that are generally located over a ground level. Moreover, it is also used for describing commercial spaces, large doors, windows and other kind of openings. In other words, soft story building is present at apartment building having rooms above garage, open spaces or carport. If proper strengthening is not provided to them, there is the chance that structural damage occurred at time of the earthquake.

In 2015, the City of Los Angeles was able to pass the ordinances in order to establish the mandatory standards for soft-story buildings. According to this, public safety is the prime concern of every builder and also they would minimize the risk of structural deficiencies. That’s why; the Department of building safety has listed the buildings that definitely required a seismic retrofit. Among them, those buildings that are constructed before 1980 are also be a part of 13,500 buildings. All of them are ideally identified by the department.

Now, you definitely want to know which kind of buildings is generally constructed along and near fault lines. For that, you can download the inventory list actually created by LADBS. The whole process costs somewhere around $60,000 to $130,000. Though the process is not difficult but need a great attention and proper planning.

 The main purpose of Soft story retrofit program is to ensure that the main forces don’t cause any kind of damage to the buildings. Make sure that your building should be adhered to the Los Angeles Soft-Story Retrofit Program.

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