Reasons Why Professional Roof Inspection Is Important

We can’t deny the fact that most of us understand the importance of preventive medicine- the dreaded annual checkups and the biannual dentist visits. Unfortunately, many of us don’t take any action until the time a problem arises. This is a gamble and rarely will you win.

The same thing applies to your roof and chances are that you will only think of it when a problem arises. But, did you know that extending the lifespan of your roof starts with regular inspections?  The roof repair Montreal contractors recommend inspecting your roof at least twice a year; once after winter and once after summer.

It is also a good practice to inspect your roof following any major weather event such as a storm or hurricane. But, why is professional roof inspection essential? Read on to find out.

Identify and Deal with Problems While They’re Still Small

This is perhaps the most critical reason why you need to consider regular roof inspection. Most of the time, major roofing problems don’t happen overnight. They usually start with something small and progress with time to become a significant issue that may be too expensive to deal with.

A professional roof inspection by experienced roof repair Montreal experts who know how to identify early warning signs can correct all the minor issues before they become significant problems. For instance, by the time you see a leak; you most probably have structural damage to the roof or mold growth.

Protect Your Warranty

Many roof manufacturers out there usually offer a warranty or guarantee on your roof. But, if you fail to keep your roof in good shape, you risk voiding your warranty. In fact, most roofing warranties will require an annual or biannual professional roof inspection to keep them active.

If something happens and you can’t prove that you had conducted roof inspection as expected, the roof manufacturer won’t take liability. Always check the fine print of your warranty to identify the roof inspection expectations of the manufacturer.

Make Smart Maintenance Decisions

Conducting professional roof inspections means that you understand any issues that may arise and you can make informed decisions regarding your home maintenance. If there are no minor or major issues identified during your inspection, you can save money on your maintenance costs.

However, if any issues are identified during the roof inspection exercise, you can get all the repairs done on time before theybecome significant problems.

Avoid Losses from Secondary Damage and Unexpected Downtime

While replacing a damaged roof can be expensive, related costs can also add up fast. For instance, damaged inventory can result in unnecessary delays, lost sales, and many unhappy customers. The same thing applies to damaged equipment.

Damage to flooring and other internal structures as a result of a faulty roof can result in downtime which could be long enough to endanger the survival of your business. The truth is that only a few enterprises operate at such a high-profit margin that they can painlessly absorb an unexpected shutdown.