Safety Rules to Follow When Using a Miter Saw

A quality miter saw is an indispensable tool to have for any woodworker. However, the tool is so powerful that it can easily cause grave injuries. Thus, it is critical to follow some basic safety rules while using this power tool.

  • Appropriate clothing – The first safety rule to follow is to wear the right clothing gear when using the device. Not only the clothing must be comfortable, but they must also provide you with maximum protection. Your skin must be covered to the maximum so that no flying wood splinters, dust, and other debris can injure you. Safety glasses must always be adorned to well-protect your eyes. Many Hercules Miter saw reviews indicate about the level of dust produced by it. If more dust is generated; then you should wear a dust mask as well. Loose and hanging clothes must always be avoided as they pose a danger of being caught in the saw and causing injury. Ear jams must also be procured for saws that make a deafening noise.
  • Blade guards – Never buy any miter saw without any blade guards. They are critical in reducing the risk of accidents during operation. The guards can be both transparent and opaque. Transparent ones are preferred as they allow you to see where the blades are hitting.
  • Safety clamps – Safety clamps are another must-have feature in a miter saw as they keep the wood secure while cutting. This not only makes for more precise cutting but also reduces the risk of injuries which can come about by the wood slipping during a cut.
  • Adequate light – The work area must always be well lit. This prevents any strain from your side while setting the angles and makes for a more accurate cut. The improved visibility makes the work environment more comfortable and helps you protect your hands from getting too close to the saw.

It is best to pick professional saw such as Hercules miter saw that not only has good reviews but also is affordable.