Selecting Between Kitchen Tile Options – Know Your Choices!

If you plan to update your kitchen, it’s important to consider the right changes. Besides changing the modular cabinets and other small aspects like the wall color, installing new tiles might be a great idea. With options like Carreaux Metro céramique pour cuisine, you can create the kind of interior theme you are looking for, and while size and color matters, the type of tile you choose also makes a big difference. Here are the different types of tiles you can consider for the kitchen.

  • Marble. A great choice in terms of aesthetics, marble works well for the countertops and floors, but for flooring in particular, avoid polished marble, which tends to be slippery. The kitchen floor needs to be as functional as possible.
  • Limestone. Another known choice for kitchen, limestone may seem great in terms in terms of the color options, but many of the variants are not as long lasting. You want to be sure that the product is durable.
  • Slate. When you want to get a surface that’s striking and demands attention, slate is the way to go, although not all interior experts recommend the option. Slate is a natural product, but not the best for kitchens in particular.
  • Ceramic tiles. If both variety and aesthetics matter to you equally, ceramic tiles are one of the best options for the kitchen, especially for the wall. Keep in mind that some of the ceramic tiles are not ideal for flooring, so check with the supplier. Ceramic tiles also offer the advantage of easy maintenance.
  • Porcelain tiles. For those who are more concerned about durability than anything else, this is their ultimate choice. Porcelain tiles have better density as compared to ceramic ones, making them ideal for most kitchen needs.
  • Glass tiles. For the walls and to add aesthetic value to the kitchen, you can consider glass tiles that come in mosaics and have incredible style quotient. Glass tiles also work for most interior concepts.

Final word

If you just want to change flooring and walls, go for either quarry, ceramic, or porcelain tiles. It is also ideal to consider the existing theme of your home before redesigning the kitchen. Also, you can consider creating an accenting wall with tiles for the kitchen, just like we usually do in the living room. Also, make sure that you select a good tile installation company and a reliable supplier to get the best from your investment.