Suspended Vs Dry Wall Ceiling in the basement

Renovating a home is difficult and at the same time rewarding task. If you are considering redesigning your ceilings than one question will definitely come up. It is to whether opt for a suspended ceiling or a drywall ceiling. Basement ceilings by snap clip can guide you well as which one is appropriate and how.

To choose drywall versus suspended ceilings is like deciding whether to go for aesthetics or accessibility. If you want a finished look than certainly drywall ceiling is a good choice.  However, a suspended ceiling can provide you easy access to pipes or ducts present in your home. Basement ceilings by snap clip also recommend not to go for drywall ceiling in case there are various electrical lines in between.

Let us check out both these types in detail.

Drywall Basement Ceilings

In basements where the ceiling is already very low, one should go for drywall ceilings. This is because to maximize the headroom of the basement becomes easy. You may have to only sacrifice around half inch headroom. This increases in cases it is suspended ceiling.

When ductwork of air conditioning is hanging below certain joists

In such situation basement ceilings by snap clip provides you two options.

  1. You can go for a complete drywall basement ceiling.
  2. You can opt for suspended ceiling throughout the remaining basement and apply drywall feature to cover up the ductwork which is hanging low.

Suspended Basement Ceilings

Although suspended ceilings do not provide the finished look like drywall, it definitely has certain benefits.  Firstly you won’t require maintaining it so much. You may have to just move a few tiles in case pipes access is required. This is not possible in case of a drywall ceiling. Apart from that suspended ceilings offer various options such as coffered ceilings which beautify your home décor. Also suspended ceilings have tile options in different colors. Hence, you can match it up with your walls and floors. This feature is available at basement ceilings by snap clip.

Drywall versus Suspended Ceilings

In comparison to the suspended ceiling, drywall involves great hard work while installing. Drywall sheets weigh around 60 lbs. Hence, you need workers to lift it up.  On the other hand, it is a do it yourself work to install suspended ceilings.

Secondly, once drywall is affixed, other finishing work is required like painting and clean-up. This is not in case of suspended ones. No mess occurs if you install drop or suspended ceilings.

Concluding Remarks

Basement ceilings by snap clip can provide you appropriate ceiling matching your requirement. With proper consultancy, you will surely achieve the best of both worlds.