The Whys and Hows of Getting a Regular Tree Service

Trees are great additions to your yard as they add beauty and shade to your outdoor living space. But like any other living thing, trees need proper care and attention in order to remain healthy and so they won’t pose any threat or danger to you, your family and guests, and even your property.

For instance, some trees require annual pruning and inspections, especially those that are planted near your house or around power poles. And unless you have extensive experience and expertise, you must hire professionals to do this job on your behalf. A professional provider of tree services possesses the right skills, technique and equipment to keep your lawn and trees healthy and looking great at all times.

If you still need some convincing regarding the importance of professional tree care services, lawn care experts in Chesterfield, VA share these three compelling reasons to let the specialists care for your lawn and trees, along with tips for finding the best service provider.

Why Hire a Tree Service?

1. Tree service providers help boost a tree’s health and appearance

Removing weak, dead or diseased limbs from your trees prevents the beginning of rot. As such, tree pruning can help prolong the life of your trees.

Furthermore, trimming your trees regularly will boost their overall beauty. And since the undesirable branches are removed, the other healthy parts of the tree will begin to flourish, which can then boost the production of leaves, fruits, and flowers.

2. They help prevent injuries in trees

Cracked and weak branches can fall to the ground at any time, increasing the possibility of injuries to anyone living in or coming close to your property. Low-hanging limbs, on the other hand, are a safety hazard for everyone who bumps into them.

With regular pruning, the weight of the tree will be reduced, and the weak or low-hanging branches will be removed. You will then have a peace of mind knowing that all the branches of your tree are less likely to fall, even during a storm.

3. Their work protects your property

When tree branches grow wildly, they can easily break off and might slam into your house even during light rains and winds. Also, they can fall, remain in the same spot for a long time, and end up creating cracks or dents into your walls and roof without you knowing it. Moreover, they can grow into power lines and poles, thus increasing the risk for power disruption or loss, and even fires.

With regular tree trimming, though, these kinds of potential property damage can be eliminated. Don’t make your busy daily schedule an excuse not to keep your trees and lawn healthy because just like landscaping professionals in Midlothian, VA who focus on your outdoor space’s aesthetic appeal, there are companies specializing in tree care who can handle this important job on your behalf.

How to Hire the Right Tree Service

With plenty of tree care companies to be found today, choosing the right service provider can be overwhelming. So to help you find the best tree service provider for your specific needs, here are four steps you must follow:

Step 1: Get referrals

Information passed by word of mouth remains the best source of data. So before searching for reliable tree service providers, aim to ask for recommendations from people you trust, such as your family and friends. This way, you will know what to expect and how the company has dealt with their previous customers’ needs and demands.

An online search is a good alternative to referrals. Search for some of the most sought-after tree service companies near you. From there, look into their clients’ reviews to get an idea of how the company works.

Step 2: Check the company’s credibility

Once you have at least three companies on your shortlist, check how credible every option is by looking into their licenses and credentials. Take note that working with an unlicensed company may lead to risks and dangers that you don’t want to spend money on.

Also, ask about their employees’ backgrounds. Make sure that everyone working for the company has many years of experience in caring for trees and turf.

Adequate insurance coverage matters as well. This should include workers compensation insurance and liability insurance. This way, you won’t have to spend a penny on damage caused by the company’s workers and on any injuries incurred by an employee while working on your property. Most importantly, proper coverage will protect you from potential lawsuits in the future.

Step 3: Get estimates and make a comparison

When getting an estimate, always ask for a written copy. After that, compare the services offered by each service provider. Determine if the price of each service is reasonable. Take this opportunity to ask about the tools and equipment they will be using as well, and find out whether they have everything that is necessary to complete the job on time at hand. You need to communicate clearly what they must do, along with any restrictions you may have in mind.

A reputable tree service company will listen to your requests and even provide you with advice as to how the job can be best dealt with. Also, they guarantee satisfaction – so if you aren’t happy with their job, they will fix the problem right away to meet your needs and demands.

Step 4: Read and sign the contract

Ask for a written contract and read through it before signing over the dotted lines. Make sure that everything you have agreed upon is put into writing before letting them prune your trees or beautify your lawn to prevent any disputes later on.

Indeed, getting a professional tree service will benefit you, your trees, and your property. But make sure to hire only the best service providers to reap these rewards.