Tips to Help You Choose a Sled Vacuum Cleaner?

The sled vacuum is, even today, the king of vacuum cleaners since it allows a thorough cleaning. That said, if you want to do a quick cleaning, prefer a broom vacuum. And if cleaning is not really your cup of tea, turn to a robot vacuum cleaner: it does the work for you. 

Has the time come for you to replace your vacuum cleaner? But you are a little lost among all existing models? Here are some tips to help you know which sled vacuum cleaner to choose.

#1: A vacuum cleaner must above all be effective and ergonomic

It must be recognized that vacuuming is not the most fun activity. So, as much make it as pleasant as possible. For this, the manufacturers refine more and more their models to ensure total comfort of use :


  • Most vacuum cleaners today are equipped with a parking system. It allows you to keep the tube standing. No more need to bend down to pick up the tube, it is at hand!
  • For optimum user comfort, also opt for a vacuum with a sufficiently long cord and therefore, a sufficiently large radius of action. Especially useful if you have a large area or stairs to suck. The recommended range of action is 10 meters.
  • Do you suffer from muscle pain? Then, prefer a light and ergonomic vacuum cleaners, such as a model with a carrying handle and a telescopic tube adjustable in height. You can check out stores like Vacupro to choose the vacuum cleaner that best works for you.

#2: A silent vacuum cleaner? Even better!

Is it nap time for children and you want to take the opportunity to vacuum? More and more models have reinforced insulation and are almost silent. Some models even reduce their sound level to 69 dB. It’s the neighbors who will appreciate! Oh yes, do not forget: 3 decibels less on a vacuum cleaner, it’s half the noise for you.

#3: With or without a bag?

Both models are equally effective. A bagless vacuum cleaner is more economical since you do not have to invest in bags but it requires regular maintenance. You must empty the dust container yourself (so you are in direct contact with the dust) and clean the filter to maintain a high suction capacity.  

If you want a less restrictive solution, then opt for a vacuum with bag. Small tip: also prefer plastic bags to paper bags. Not only do they become less clogged and more resistant, they also avoid clogging effects. The air circulates is better so that the dust is distributed more homogeneously. Result? Your vacuum cleaner is more efficient, and the bag is longer.