Top 5 Ways To Design A Custom Closet For Small Spaces

With the growing space crunch and rapid commercialization, it has become essential to make the most of the available foot space available all around. And guess what? You can save so much of the extra baggage space in your wardrobe by just having it customized as per your needs thereby making your ends meet in the most plausible ways.

So here are the best ways to custom design your closet:

1) Heard of extender rods yet?

Well, if you like to maintain your clothes well on the clothing rack than the shelf then you must think of adding an extender rod to your closet. This will add value to the available space without much ado.

2) Try shelf dividers

Until you’ve used them you cannot stress enough upon their usage and also importance. Not only they help you to compartmentalize your closet in a very systematic way but also they help you find the things kept there in-time.

3) Hook up!

Yes, make sure that no place is left untouched. You can have in-built hooks in your custom design closet or you can put some fancy hooks on the inside of your closet to hang in everything that’ll come handy sooner than later.

4) The designated suitcase space

The top of every closet ever is always transformed into a shelf for travel bags, suitcases, and even the handbags in case of an extended collection on the user’s part. Well, if you already know the purpose of the place then why not get it customized to suit all your needs? Such space saving ideas are provided by Glenn Robertson Design, thereby helping you save on the precious foot-space.

5) Make use of closet organizers

Yes, as childish as they sound and sometimes even look, you surely would want to give these a try if you have a messy closet that is in serious need of help. Not only do they organize your stuff but also help you do a priority setting about what needs to be placed where.

And, here you go! For more ideas, you can speak about it to your furnisher who can then help you find the best possible ways to save on the available space around there. Make the most of the available space around your place with the help of these hacks and also discover something that suits your needs.