Top Living Room Remodel Trends For 2019

New Year, New Living Room!

It’s that time of the year when we are ready to take on the world to improve our lives. And what better place to start than our living environment, right? Read on to learn some of the 2019 living room trends and tips to improve this space.

Front Door View

When you first enter your living room, what do you see? How does this room make you feel upon first look? It is important to know this because the feeling you get from the door of a room is the feeling you will feel inside of the room, even if the rest of the room looks great. For example, if the first thing you see from the door is clutter, the entire room is going to feel cluttered even if there is not another scrap of clutter in that room. The first impression of a room is like the first impression of a human- hard to look past. Take some time to stand in the doorway of your living room and pay attention to how you feel. What do you like? What do you dislike? What would you love to see from that spot? These answers will help you in your remodeling process.

Open Up

We are bombarded on a daily basis with things invading our personal space- usually in the form of electronic devices. This can make us feel smothered and increase our anxiety levels. Why not make a huge difference in your mental health by opening up your living space? Knockdown some walls in your closed-in rooms to create an open floor plan. If you have a wall separating your living room and den, get rid of the wall to create a larger space.


Speaking of mental health, are you aware of the effect colors have on us? There is a whole psychological study on the effects different colors have on humans. For instance, reds and oranges are more energizing while blue and earth tones are more calming and soothing. This knowledge can assist you when remodeling your living room. If your living room is where your family goes to relax, you should not paint the walls bright orange as this would be quite stimulating.

To keep with the opening up process going, painting your walls white or light tones is a good choice. Blush tones are trending at this time and are not only an elegant look but also a timeless one. Soothing pastel colors are also being seen throughout home remodels as they set a good tone for the room. Be sure, however, that you paint the ceiling with a fresh coat of bright, white paint. This alone will help the room look larger.


Metallic, glass and other reflective finishes for coffee tables and end tables are popularly used to make a room look larger. Velvet upholstered furniture remains a luxurious choice, especially in darker tones. However, lighter furniture assists in the enlargement of a room.


Gone are the days when the only art you might find hanging up were classical and traditional pieces. Now, graphic art is a huge hit. These individual, quirky pieces are bold and about the farthest thing from traditional one might find. Primary colors and shapes are making a comeback as bold statement pieces. And people are bringing these rooms to life with some easy-to-care-for greenery.

Final Thoughts

Remodeling your living room can be a fun and exciting project, but it can also be overwhelming. Before you begin, be clear about what you want to change. Take a look at other remodeling projects to get inspired. And most importantly, enjoy your new living room.