What are e-cigarettes made of?

E-cigarettes are of different shapes and sizes as well as types. There are some that look like tobacco cigarettes, and these are preferred by people who want the visual as well as sensory replication of the cigarette. According to E-cigarette Club, these people are usually those that smoke more for the social and behavioral aspects.

In addition to this, there are other devices which are also used such as those which are pen styled ones which are also called as vape pens due to the way they look. Some of these look like cigars or hookahs or pipes. The e-cigarette, however, is the most common.

All of these consist of a lithium battery, a cartridge which contains the liquid as well as a vaporizing chamber. The vaporizing chamber or the atomizing chamber is where the liquid or the e-juice is converted into vapor.

Components of the e-cigarette

The battery which is a lithium one is the most important part of the e-cig. This is what activates the device. The atomizer is the place where the liquid gets heated, and it gets vaporized. The person when they either press the button which is on the pen or inhales, causes the entire e-cigarette to start work, the battery provides the power to the atomizing chamber which will then convert the liquid to a vape which is then inhaled by the person.

The liquid or e-juice consists of varied flavors and different nicotine strengths. This is the reason why people prefer e-cigarettes especially when they are thinking of quitting smoking. The nicotine strengths can be tapered off in the e-cigarette till it reaches 0% and that is when there is the only flavor which the person vapes.

There are more advantages to e-cigarettes as well

  1. The person can adjust the nicotine levels in the e-juice
  2. There is no problem with regards second-hand smoke as what is exhaled consists of tiny particles, and it does not contain the harmful substances which are exhaled by smokers and which affect those around them due to second-hand smoke.
  3. These are cheaper in the long run
  4. The entire cigarette needs to be smoked in case of a normal tobacco cigarette, but in an e-cigarette, the person can only take as many puffs which he or she feels like.
  5. There are various places which ban the smoking of cigarettes, but these places do not have a ban for vaping.
  6. There are a variety of flavors which this is available in – unlike normal tobacco cigarettes
  7. There is no disgusting smell of smoke which envelops the smoker after he or she has vaped. This is different from a normal cigarette.
  8. There is no after taste in the mouth of the person who vapes as compared to the person who smokes tobacco cigarettes.

These are some of the reasons why people are giving up smoking and are switching to vaping. However, people need to vape responsibly as anything in the world does have pros as well as cons and should be done in moderation.