What are the Signs that You Need to Repair Your Roof?

Roofs are difficult to access and out of our sights, and so one can easily miss if there’s any problem with the roof. But there are always indications, and if you can read those indications, you can catch when the problem is at its early stage. The best way to do is you can walk on your home’s perimeter and make a visit to your attic. If you find any indication, you should call on roof repair professionals for best repair and safety.

Following are the indications that your roof needs repair:

  • Dark Patches

When you see areas on your shingles darker than the rest, it might be a substrate hiding under the protective granules. The granules can come loose if exposed to certain elements, and in some time it is going to get washed off when it will be raining. UV damages the exposed substrate fast, therefore, if you find shingles with patches, they should be fast replaced before they fall or the roof starts to leak

  • Missing or Damaged Flashing

Flashing helps the water redirected away from the transitional areas of the roof; they are extremely important — for example, the valleys, eves, dormers, plumbing stacks, ridge vents, dormers, and the chimney. If there’s any missing or damaged flashing, you should fix it fast so that the rainwater can’t get under the shingles and starts rotting the underlayment or make a way to the attic.

  • Attic Water

You should at least visit your attic a couple of times in a year and look closely because everything of your roof can’t be checked from the ground level. Shut down the light, and check if you can see any pinpoints of lights. Check the attic for mildew, dampness or mold.

  • Moss Growth

Moss prefers shaded and damp locations, mainly the north-facing sides of the roof. If miss starts growing, they can damage or decay your roof decking. Contact an expert roofer as soon as you can.