What type of windows does my home have?

Precision Glass offers custom window installation in Kansas City. As your KC window experts, we know that knowing what kind of windows your home has will give you more options when it comes to repairing or replacing your home’s windows.

There are eight types of windows used in most homes and below we will summarize those for you.

1. Casement Windows

These use a cranking mechanism to open the window outward. You can opt for the opening mechanism to be on the left or right. The benefit of this type of window is that you can open them a little bit or a lot without them swinging or banging on their own.

2. Awning Windows

These windows open outward and from the top of the frame. The benefit of these windows is that they can be large or small and they pair wonderfully with other types of windows.

You can add these above or below stationary windows, such as a bay window for example and still have improved air exchange without having to open the bay window.

These offer homeowners a versatile solution to maximizing air exchange without sacrificing security or energy efficiency. Learn more about maximizing energy efficiency by reaching out to our team.

3. Picture Windows

Generally, these are huge windows or sets of windows that maximize incoming light while offering a broader view. Picture Windows are stationary – meaning they don’t open, but you can pair these with awning windows for improved airflow in a room.

4. Transom Windows

These can be stationary or fixed and come in a variety of sizes. Generally, these are smaller windows above a door or fixed window and are used in areas where you want to increase the amount of daylight that filters into a room or entryway.

5. Slider Windows

These are also known as track windows, and as a sliding glass door, one side opens by sliding along the metal track and behind or over the other part of the window.

6. Double Hung Windows

These windows open vertically – up and down and feature two sashes which allow you to open the window from the top or the bottom. Most homes have a single sash type window which opens only from the bottom.

7. Stationary Windows

Windows that do not move. The beautiful part about these types of windows is that they are highly customized, and their placement increases the aesthetics of a room by adding more light or expanding the view.

8. Bay or Bow Windows

Generally, these are a mixture of both stationary windows and windows that open. Bay windows create a nook which expands the area of a room. We see these in bedrooms, dining rooms, and family rooms.

Which type of window is right for your home has a lot to do with a variety of needs. Those include:

  1. Energy efficiency – creating the perfect ambient temperature both during the day and at night.
  2. Security – Stationary windows in areas with less visibility. Awning type windows in areas where you need more airflow or light, but that is too small to get through.
  3. Improved esthetics – Windows that enhance your view either by improving ambient light or your view. These types of windows enhance the usability of a room.

For more information about how windows can transform your home and improve the livability of a house, just give us a call