What’s the Right Number of Homes to Look at Before Making an Offer?

While looking for a new home in Olathe, you might immediately fall in love with one of the first prospects you tour. However, most savvy buyers take time to look at a few homes before making an offer. How many homes should you look at? Here are some tips for determining that answer.

A Bit of Advice Before Shopping

It is completely natural to need some time to determine exactly what you want in a home, and that’s the beauty of looking at homes online before considering open houses.

Don’t waste time looking at what you don’t want, and only consider those that meet your expectations and are within budget. No matter how many homes you look at, make sure they are real candidates.

Can the First Home Viewed Be the Right One?

Of course, it can! However, those who go for the gusto on the first home they see have typically been ‘looking’ online for a while—maybe even years.

They have done their homework concerning taxes, community restrictions, pricing, and perhaps have even done a few drive-byes to view the exterior the home and scope out the neighborhood. If your gut tells you the first one is THE one, make an offer before it’s gone.

Is it Possible to View Too Many Homes?

While it’s impossible to view too many homes, after two dozen or more they might start looking very similar to you. However, many buyers get tired of hunting and ultimately settle for a home that didn’t appeal to them as much as one did in the early shopping days.

In a fast-moving market, experts advise home shoppers that have found an ideal home early on in the process to go ahead and make an offer.

Ultimately, there is no right number of places to look at when searching for a new home in Olathe. For professional advice concerning the home shopping process contact Cedar Creek Realty today online or call 913-829-6500 today.